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Lineage and breed information

The Malinois Shepherd Dog, one of four varieties identified, is named after the Belgian town of Malines (Malinois in French). In 1891 this dog was the first variety that was recognised as Belgian Shepherd. The other three varieties are the Tervuerens, the Groenendaels and the Laekens Shepherd. Many people see these four varieties as one breed. In 1959 however the American Kennel Club (AKC) has classified that three of them belong to a different breed. Yet the British Kennel Club (BKC) still considers all four varieties as one because the breeding distinctions were merely introduced. Therefore in the UK these dogs are always registered on the basis of type and coloration of their coat and not on the basis of breed.

The Malinois Shepherd is exceptionally gifted by intelligence and obedience and is a serious and vigilant dog. This breed has strong protective instincts and territorial attitudes. They are excellent police dogs with inborn skills to guard their environment. These dogs are always alert, watchful and protective.

The Malinois Shepherd is intuitively protective and therefore extremely suited as a guard dog. Originally the Malinois Shepherd was bred for herding but nowadays this dog excels as police dog as he is strong and brave. It may occasionally happen that they show their guarding instincts even when and where this is not convenient.
Finally they are excellent working dogs but nevertheless can be quite demanding.

The Malinois Shepherd can be a good family dog, as he is a loyal and affectionate animal who is very keen on company. A well socialized Malinois Shepherd is good with children and easily makes a devoted family friend and pet. This breed of dog has a lot of energy and is fond of intensive physical activities.

In general Malinois Shepherds cope very well with children. If the dog is well socialized there will be no problems with other pets. Still some dogs are rather dominant among themselves but an experienced owner can easily handle this and bring out the best in the dog.

The thick coat of the Malinois Shepherd is easily taken care of. Thorough brushing every few days and a bath now and then is enough to keep their coat soft, shiny and tangle-free. By bathing the dog too often the water-repellent coating may be removed, so take extra care to prevent this. Twice a year the Malinois Shepherd sheds heavily, but the rest of the year only slightly.

The normal life expectancy of the Malinois Shepherd is 12 to 14 years.

This breed is tough and healthy with no considerable health problems. Problems like skin allergies, eye conditions and hip dysplasia occur rarely.

Malinois Shepherds have a short coat, reddish in colour with a black mask.

Shoulder height
Male Dogs : Average 62 cm (- 2 cm or + 4 cm).
Females : Average 58 cm ( -2 cm or + 4 cm).

Male Dogs : Average weight between 25 and 30 kg.
Females : Average weight between 20 and 25 kg.

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Information about dog sport

Kennel Ot t Blomen Hofk is constantly training dogs to become police dogs: K.N.P.V., Police Dog 1, Police Dog 2, Object surveillance and/or Tracker Dog. Furthermore kennel Ot t Blomen Hofk breeds dogs which follow the IPO-training. Everyone who is not acquainted with the dog sport can gather relevant information about the appropiate branches of dog sport through the links below.
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Regulation Police Dog I
Regulation Police Dog II
Regulation Object Surveillance
Regulation Tracker Dog I & Tracker Dog II
Regulation IPO